Meet the Team
Ted Garza


Years in construction: 35

Years at SLC: 24

You handle some of SLC’s largest TI projects. What’s the best amenity you’ve put into a new tenant space this year?

Probably the LED lobby screen wall and stadium screen at the new Zovio headquarters in Chandler. The logistics of those large-scale and video amenities were completely different than anything we’ve done in a conventional TI. The final product is impressive and I know will be useful for the client.

As one of SLC’s SENIOR Superintendents, what gives you the most joy in your job?

I’ve been working in Phoenix construction since 1985, and winning over the trust of clients, building owners and architects never gets old.

What do you think SLC does different from the competitors when it comes to TIs?

SLC is a family. There is a lot of trust. They don’t micromanage because they trust my experience as a Superintendent. These are skills I’ve been developing since I was 13 years old, when I started working with my grandpa on remodeling jobs. That makes me always want to do my very best.

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