Meet the Team
Rob Pinnell

Senior Project Manager

Years in construction: 37

Years at SLC: 27

You’re an industry veteran. Comparing the past to the present, what are the most exciting opportunities in the construction industry right now?

Office and industrial spaces have become much more creative. That’s been an interesting trend to watch unfold and has encouraged collaboration. I’ve enjoyed working closely with younger designers who have a vision for these spaces and industry veterans like me who have the experience to apply that vision to a final product.

What do you think sets SLC apart?

You are only as good as the people that work for you and we have some of the best. I’m constantly getting calls or e-mails complementing our work. That’s because good people produce good projects.

What are your hopes for SLC in the year ahead?

Our company has done an exceptional job adapting to the pandemic, keeping everyone safe while still delivering the level of excellence we are known for. That has even further strengthened our reputation and relationships, and puts us in a great position to seize the new opportunities that I know are waiting once our economy finds its stride again in 2021.

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