By Dale Brown

Despite forecasts of a post-2023 construction slowdown, many of Arizona’s commercial building contractors still have the Help Wanted sign out, and several are expecting a rebound in the office and retail sectors.

Top executives from companies featured on the Business Journal’s 2024 Commercial Building Contractors list published May 10 answered some additional questions about the state of the industry.

One industry group is predicting that even with a post-2023 slowdown, the nation’s construction industry will need to hire nearly a million workers on top of its normal hiring pace over the next two years to meet labor demands. How is your firm’s staffing looking?

“Demand has kept our pipeline for ground-up industrial buildings and office tenant improvements strong. While the specifics of that demand may shift, we expect it to continue to drive requirements for a variety of commercial construction in the Valley. We’ve worked steadily over the past three years to beef up our staffing to operate at this pace. It has us well-positioned for the next run and confident in our current staffing counts, though we are always looking for quality new employees.” – Jamie Godwin, president and CEO, Stevens-Leinweber Construction.


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