Solid Client relationships are the cornerstone of success. While some construction firms delegate the responsibilities involved in a project among several people or departments, we take a different approach at Stevens Leinweber. Our Project Managers oversee the entire project from conceptual planning, preliminary estimating, bidding phases, and completion. We have found that this is a more efficient and effective way of conducting business because it helps to prevent communication gaps and delays, while emphasizing accountability. Additionally, it streamlines and strengthens the relationships we establish with our Clients. No matter which Project Manager works with you on your project, you will benefit from the continuity of service and depth of expertise that have become Stevens Leinweber trademarks.


Mike Stevens

President, Cofounder

As a founding member of the executive team, Mike is a familiar face for many of our clients. He participates in initial communications with new clients in addition to overseeing individual projects, while managing other responsibilities that come with his role as the company’s president. He is also a registered architect with the state of Arizona, so he is frequently involved in the design management phase of our clients’ projects.

Mike is originally from Michigan and came to Arizona to attend Arizona State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a bachelor of architecture. He describes himself as a perfectionist who thrives on the “people part” of the work he does. Even after all the years he has been in this business, he still enjoys fitting the pieces of the puzzle together—working with individual craftsmen, creating an environment that encourages their best work, and developing a process that brings the elements of the project together logically, efficiently and with the best possible results.

While technology continues to drive communications and influences some of the tools used in project management and in field construction, Mike believes the philosophies and principles he and Mark Leinweber put into place when they began Stevens Leinweber are as important today as ever. His overarching objective is as powerful as it is fundamental: to help the firm’s clients improve their businesses.

When Mike is not in the office, there’s a good chance you’ll find him on the back of a horse. He and his wife own several quarter horses, and they often participate in the sport of “cutting” cattle, a type of competition that developed out of ranch work. Mike is fascinated by how intelligent horses are, and by their athletic abilities and their ability to sense their environment. Mike’s horses provide the perfect “low-tech” antidote to a “high-tech” business workday.

When asked what he thought is the most perfectly designed place he’s ever seen, Mike’s answer was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, in Sedona, because it is “timeless, immensely spiritual” and represents “a simple yet powerful integration between a site and a building.”


Mark Leinweber

Vice President, Cofounder

Mark’s affable nature is apparent as soon as you meet him. You get the sense that building and maintaining relationships comes naturally to him, a capability that undoubtedly serves him well in his work. Even though he’s responsible for overseeing the office staff at Stevens Leinweber and a number of other detail-oriented executive duties, he estimates that project management encompasses about 90 percent of what he does on a daily basis. The aspect of his work that he enjoys most is the satisfaction of successfully completing challenging projects, which he defines as those with complicated design elements, difficult schedules or sometimes both. After so many years of successfully wrangling such projects, he’s become quite resourceful.

Mark spent most of his childhood in Missouri and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when he was a teenager. When the time for college rolled around, he “escaped” to Arizona, where he attended Arizona State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. After graduation, he worked on the Alaska pipeline project for several years before returning to Arizona. He says Arizona felt like home when he came back, and he’s been here since.

Outside of work, Mark devotes much of his time to his family, his church and various charitable organizations. He has served as board chairman for both the Phoenix chapter of Teach for America and a local retirement home, and he has been involved with rebuilding efforts for churches and schools in Haiti. He also enjoys tinkering around with his classic automobiles, which include a Porsche 914 and a 1968 Lincoln Continental with “suicide” doors.

One of Mark’s favorite getaways is a little town south of Sedona called Cornville, which is in stark contrast to his other favorite place to be—Paris, a city he describes as “engaging” and perhaps one of the most perfectly designed places he’s ever been. Another place Mark believes epitomizes perfect design is Aravaipa Canyon, a wilderness area near Globe.


Jamie Godwin

Vice President

As a member of the executive team, Jamie’s responsibilities beyond project management include leading the company’s business development efforts. He holds commercial general contractor qualifying party status in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada. He also carries LEED AP credentials.

Jamie is a Georgia native, but relocated to the valley of the sun in 1996 and says he really feels that Phoenix is his home after all these years. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys that “keep him younger than he is”. One of their favorite activities is early morning hikes at one of the local trails.

Jamie’s work experience includes many years leading the design/build operations for a commercial development company. He says that he enjoys opportunities to engage in a project during the design phase, affording the ability to bring maximum value to the project outcome. On each project Jamie’s primary objective is to determine what is important to the client, and then work to deliver the best value possible in helping them achieve their goals.

He holds a bachelor of science in construction management from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and says that early in his career he realized that college didn’t prepare an individual for the wide range of personalities that he encounters on a daily basis. Jamie feels that one of his strengths is being able to bring those various personalities together to work toward the common goal of delivering a successful project for the client.


Erik Powell

Director of New Construction

Erik joined Stevens Leinweber in 2017 as the Director of New Construction. After 17 years of developing, designing and building new construction projects in the Arizona market, Erik is utilizing that experience to provide diversification for Stevens Leinweber to expand the ground up division. Erik has successfully completed over 5 million square feet of new construction with a value over 250 million dollars.

Erik has lived in Arizona for 35 years, attending both Brophy College Preparatory and Arizona State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from ASU. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, and stays busy coaching youth baseball and football.

Erik is an active member of both NAIOP and SIOR. He believes that focusing on client’s needs from start to finish to build an everlasting relationship is what construction is all about. Erik prides himself on repeat business and client relationships. When asked what makes our industry so special, Erik replied “The construction industry is so gratifying because of the people you meet and the unique finished product each building represents. No project is the same, and it’s extremely rewarding to be part of something that you and the client can both be proud of.”


Rob Pinnell

Project Manager

With more than three decades of experience in the construction industry—two of those with Stevens Leinweber—Rob is as familiar with the nuances of project management as a master chef is with herbs and spices. He says the communication aspect of the business is where the greatest amount of change has occurred in the last 10 years or so, and although technology certainly has facilitated communications, it has created new challenges, as well. Nonetheless, Rob is well aware that keeping clients informed remains one of the most critical components of the job, and he is committed to taking care of his clients.

Rob grew up in Mattoon, Illinois, about 180 miles south of Chicago. He earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in botany from Eastern Illinois University, along with a bachelor’s degree in geology. After school, he spent about four years in Houston, where he got his start in the construction industry. He moved to Arizona in 1987 and began his career at Stevens Leinweber in 1993.

Rob is a sports fan who enjoys watching football on Sundays and playing golf when he can. During the hot Arizona summers, he and his wife like to get away to the Caribbean and Central America—particularly Costa Rica, which Rob says is as perfect a place as he has ever seen. Still, it’s always good to come home again, and home is Rob’s favorite place to be.


Edmund Amijo

Project Manager

Edmund got his start in the construction business as a union carpenter and has been a project manager for nearly three and a half decades, the last two of those with Stevens Leinweber. A quiet, soft-spoken man, he describes himself as dedicated, honest and reliable, and he takes his work seriously, although there’s a humorous side to his personality, too. He says what he likes best about his work is visiting with clients and strengthening the relationships he has with them.

An Arizona native, Edmund has traveled extensively, taking trips throughout the country and the rest of North America, as well as to the Bahamas and Aruba. Hawaii is his favorite getaway, and he’s been to the islands more than a dozen times. Closer to home, he likes to go camping in the White Mountains or take an occasional camping trip to Colorado or Utah. He also still does some carpentry from time to time, and he took up golfing about 10 years ago.

When asked what he considered to be the most perfectly designed place he’d ever seen, Edmund’s response was New York City’s Central Park, followed by Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, both of which allow people who live and work in a hectic, often chaotic urban setting to escape and relax amid the beauty of nature.


James Fuller

Project Manager

During his 35-plus years in construction, Jim has developed considerable expertise in a number of diverse areas, including mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. He started at Stevens Leinweber as a superintendent more than 20 years ago and has been a project manager since 2001. His number one mantra, as he calls it, is “take care of the client.”

Describing his approach to bidding as somewhat unorthodox, Jim says he doesn’t bid plans in a strictly black-and-white manner when his experience suggests that the work required for a complete finished product is not included in the plans.

His friendly, laid-back demeanor belies Jim’s self-described type A personality, though he acknowledges that he places high expectations on himself and those who report to him. When stress arises on the job, he diffuses it with humor.

Jim grew up in New Mexico and went to school at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He and his wife have lived in the Phoenix area since 1977. They frequently take road trips around the state on their Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, and they’ve also taken the bike with them on excursions to California and to the farm they own in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which Jim says is his favorite place to be. They also look forward to “glamping” trips in their fifth-wheel trailer.

Jim’s vote for the most perfectly designed place on Earth goes to one of nature’s many marvels: Rainbow Bridge National Monument at Lake Powell.


Rob Milmont

Project Manager

Rob started working at Stevens Leinweber as an assistant superintendent during the summer while attending Arizona State University. While at ASU, he studied civil construction and civil engineering and earned a bachelor’s degree in civil construction. He then joined Stevens Leinweber on a full-time basis in 2009. Rob loves what he does and says the best part of his work is the variety of hats he gets to wear to overcome whatever challenges arise. He’s adept at seeing the big picture and understanding it from his clients’ perspective.

Born here in Arizona, Rob lived in Colorado and worked at a ski resort there for a year or so during his early twenties. He still likes to get away to the mountains when he can, whether it’s a drive north to the Mogollon Rim or a trip to go fly fishing in Montana or Idaho. Now that he’s a dad, though, Rob spends most of his nonworking time at home with his family.

A fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, Rob chose The Arizona Biltmore when asked about the most perfectly designed place he’s seen.


Drew Pinnell

Project Manager

As Rob Pinnell’s son, Drew grew up hearing his dad talk about the construction business. When he was old enough, he began working at construction sites, learning the ropes from the inside. Having witnessed the results of his father’s hard work and dedication, Drew has chosen to follow a similar path—a testament to Rob’s many years of client-driven service at Stevens Leinweber.

Drew worked as a summer intern here while he attended the University of Arizona. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Regional Development, he came on board full time as a superintendent. In his current role as an assistant project manager, he continues to gain valuable experience in all phases of project management. The best part, he says, is building relationships with clients.

Although Drew was born in Houston, his family moved to Arizona when he was about a year old. Drew loves Phoenix, but when he wants a change of pace and a change in scenery, he likes traveling to the outposts of Canada to fish and to get away from technology for a while.

Like his dad, Drew is a sports fan—he likes playing basketball, bowling and participating in just about any kind of game, as well as rooting for the Cardinals.

Drew’s response to the question “What do you think is the most perfectly designed place?” was the Grand Canyon. It’s a choice that’s hard to find fault with.


Michael Carli

Associate Project Manager

Michael grew up in a world immersed in design and construction. Both of his grandfathers, his father, and one of his uncles are architects. From a young age, Michael absorbed a world of architecture, construction, and real estate. Having no drawing skills whatsoever, he studied Regional Development at the University of Arizona and participated in real estate internships with Opus West Corporation and CB Richard Ellis, where he got his first taste of construction and quickly learned that he had a passion for making drawings come to life. Michael graduated with his Bachelor’s in 2009, during the historic low of the recession and worked jobs in the finance, hospitality, sales, and medical fields, which gives Michael the unique ability to connect with a wide variety of Stevens Leinweber clients. Michael joined Stevens Leinweber in 2015 as a Project Coordinator, where he processed submittals and RFI’s for the other project managers, and has quickly proven to be a true asset to the team.

Michael loves what he does. He continues to gain invaluable experience in all phases of project management. He says that the greatest part of running projects is meeting new people, building relationships, and conquering the new challenges that are presented each and every day during construction, and he is doing an excellent job at just that.

Michael was born in Newport Beach, California and moved to Phoenix in 1997 but he still enjoys spending time there with his kids whenever they can get there, especially during the hot Arizona summers. Michael is an avid sports fan and likes to play and watch all types of sporting events. So, if Michael is not at the beach, you’ll likely find him in the backyard either playing sports with his kids or barbecuing while watching the game with his family.

Michael’s response to the question “What do you think is the most perfectly designed place?” was the Colosseum in Rome.